Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Antminer Miner S19 XP Hyd.






BTC classic computing power 42 days

Hash type


Hashrate Price


Plan Duration


Daily Earnings


Payout Cycle

Every Day

The total profit


total income

$7000.00 + $4200

Product Introduction

1. Purchase instructions

Before placing an order, please understand the product carefully. If you are unclear, you can consult customer service. Once the order is placed, it means that the product has been approved and there is no refund.

2. Calculation output

For the calculation of mining revenue, please refer to the poolin ore pool:

3. Output settlement

The estimated income is derived from the real-time operation of the digital asset network and is subject to dynamic changes. It is provided for reference purposes only. Actual mining income depends on the actual yield, and profits for operating mining machines will be settled every 24 hours. Users can withdraw their earnings only when they reach the specified amount set by the platform.

4. Termination of contract

The contract will be terminated automatically when it expires. There is no refund for early termination. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Risk tips

The price of digital assets often fluctuates greatly, and the mining difficulty of each currency will be adjusted regularly. The decrease of currency price or the increase of difficulty will lead to the decrease of the yield of each mining machine. No matter from the point of view of digital assets or legal currency, this product does not guarantee that users can return the cost. Users need to carefully assess their risk tolerance and invest in digital asset mining within acceptable risk control.

The platform reserves the right of final interpretation for the terms of this contract.

1. One-Click Order

2. Cloud mining

3. Gain earnings everyday

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Transfer to personal wallet(BTC)

The mining pool is settled every 24 hours, and the profit is calculated from the time you successfully purchase the cloud mining machine. Minimum payout amount: If the client’s daily output is higher than 100USD(0.005BTC), miningpool will transfer the mining output to the client’s personal account. If it is lower than 100USD(0.005BTC). The income will be settled the next day

2.The transaction fee will be paid by the mining pool and the client does not need to worry about it.

3 All the cloud hashrate mining profit belongs to the client . The Global Asia Mining platform is not involved in profit sharing. Withdrawal Notes: Minimum Withdrawal Amount of the Platform: BTC: 0.005 BCH: 0.005 ETH:0.005 USDT: 50

For cloud mining plans, Global Asia Mining currently supports the following paying method: 1.BTC 2.BCH 3.ETH 4.LTC5. USDT(TRC20) 6.USDT(ERC20) 7.USDC(ERC20)


When you transfer funds to any exchange or service provider, it means you trust those platforms and ensure security externally and internally. We recommend you to a background check and ensure relevant business qualifications before use.

Plan price includes hashrate fee . When you purchase a plan, all hashrate fee should be paid in advance .

Dear users, what we provide is a cloud mining service. When you purchase successfully, our system will start to input computing power to the mining pool, and you can leave the app or website directly. After 24 hours, the mining pool will settle the profit in your account.

1. Please click the recharge button.Then choose the recharge method you need, enter the amount, and click the "Deposit now" button.


2.Please copy the official receiving address of the platform, and then enter your own cryptocurrency wallet (such as coinbase binance etc.) to transfer money to the wallet address. When the transfer is successful, you will get a "TXID". Please copy this TXID. we will use it later.

3.When the transfer is successful, we return to the recharge interface just now

3.1 Click the close button on the upper right

3.2 Swipe down the interface

3.3 Click the Upload button

4. Paste the TXID we just copied into the box, and click Submit button. Once complete, the system will automatically retrieve your transaction based on the TXID you submitted. Please note that a TXID number can only be used once.