Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud mining is a mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, using rented cloud hash rate and without having to install and directly run the hardware and related software. Since this form of mining is done via cloud, it reduces issues such as maintenance of equipment or direct energy costs. Global Asia Mining is the world's leading cloud hash rate platform, where users are provided with a full range of cloud mining solutions. This alleviates users' from complicated processes, such as the procurement of mining equipment, the logistics of transport, power management, and the operation and maintenance of the mining farms. Users will be able to place an order and enjoy the services with a single click.

Global Asia Mining is a platform providing cloud hash rate services to users around the world. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting miners. You can enjoy the service with just one click. Different from other cloud hash rate products on the market, Global Asia Mining offers a flexible service plan with competitive prices, as well as: Global Asia Mining platform‘s user benefits are more transparent thanks to real miner machines working in leading mining facilities; Global Asia Mining connects to a designated mining pool at the user's instructions, and mined digital currency is paid directly to the user's chosen wallet address; Global Asia Mining provides combinations of long and short-duration services with competitive pricing. Service on Global Asia Mining is, therefore, more flexible and users’ needs are better met; Global Asia Mining picks the finest mining equipment of first-class manufacture, and collaborates with the world's leading mining pools, such as BTC.com, ViaBTC, Poolin& F2Pool. Global Asia Mining is committed to providing transparent, reliable, convenient, and first-class cloud hash rate services to users around the world.

On this platform, customers can choose different mining machine package plans to earn profits. Once the payment is confirmed, Global Asia Mining will provide computing power to the mining pool, and the mining pool will directly transfer the income to the customer account. Global Asia Mining will be responsible for providing computing power to the mining pool according to the needs of customers, which means that they do not need to purchase mining machines themselves. Global Asia Mining has the world's largest mining pool and the most advanced miner management team. It promises to provide customers with secure and consistent cloud computing services.

When the users placed a plan, the pool will automatically create a subaccount for this plan, it is not able to merge or delete the subaccount since the revenue is generated by orders. The platform provides fixed profits, and the profits will reach the account directly 24 hours after the order is placed. Note: 1. If you choose the receiving address of an exchange platform, please consult their minimum deposit amount in advance, as the minimum threshold value may less than some platforms' minimum deposit amount and cause losing BTC/BCH. and we suggest users using a personal wallet address with no/low deposit amount limitation in order to receive the payouts successfully. Global Asia Mining takes no responsibilities if any loss caused by other platform thresholds.

Global Asia Mining has established working relationships with multiple mining pools including BTC.com, Poolin, ViaBTC, Antpool and F2pool. Customers can set up wallet addresses based on their own needs. They can use centralized wallet accounts as well as personal wallets with password protection. The mining pool will deposit income regularly every 24 hours, allowing customers to receive their digital currency immediately. Service fees will be covered by mining pools so customers do not need to worry about extra expenses. When customers purchase their plans, the mining pools will set up accounts for them. When the revenue in each account exceeds the minimum threshold, the mining pool will deposit the revenue into the designated account. BTC.COM pool: 0.0005 Other pools : 0.0001

Make your account more secure by linking an authenticator app. You can link to any authenticator app you prefer.

1. Open the https://www.globalasiamining.net, go to Dashboars >  settings > 2FA Security

2. Open your existing authenticator app, or download and install an authenticator app, scan the QR code, or manually enter the Key in the app to get the 6-digit verification code

3. Complete the email/phone code, authenticator app code and select Confirm Enable 2FA. Your authenticator app will be linked successfully